Thursday, January 26, 2012


A retired husband and wife in their 60s were dining at an expensive restaurant when a stunningly beautiful young woman in her late 20s came over, gave the husband a big kiss, and told him that she would meet with him later.

His wife glared at him and demanded to know, "Who is that?"

"What's the big deal," replied the husband. "That's my mistress."

"Your mistress!" snapped the wife. "I want a divorce and I want it now!"

"No problem," said the husband. "Just keep in mind that I have arranged that everything that I own is protected in an international corporate trust. You can sue me in divorce court but you will get very little — if anything at all."

"What this means," continued the husband, "is that there will be no more shopping trips to Paris for you, no more wintering in the Carribean and South America, no Mercedes for you to drive, and no more country club where the rich and sophisticated hang out. The decision is up to you."

Just then the wife noticed one of the couple's neighbors from the ritzy area where they lived. "Who's that young woman with Bill Richards?" asked the wife.

"That's Bill's mistress," answered the husband.

"Ours is much prettier," declared the wife proudly.